Paul G. Wexler Award



Paul Wexler (1929 -1979)

Paul, along with his wife Marcy were very active members of MOALA in the 1970's. He drove a blue Mini 850 named Horace that had a bashed-in rear panel. He was extremely proud of Horace. His tall staure and rumbling base voice was the perfect juxtaposition to the car he was so found of. He was a big supporter of the Cal Club Racing Organization, donating his time and efforts to the racing scene. Paul served as MOALAVice President in 1978 and as President in 1979, always working hard on matters that promoted the club.

As our club grew and regained vitality, Paul undertook the largely thankless job of officership. He and Marcy devoted themselves to the club and to organizing Mini Meet West 1979, serving as commitee chairs. Earlier that same year he was stricken with cancer. He organized the majority of the event from his hospital bed and recovered enough to attend the meet, and be the toastmaster at the banquet.   Not long after the event he returned to the hospital, passing away that same year at the age of 50. His wife Marcy continued to beanactive member of MOALA for the next several years. She was also a mini entusiast with one of her own.

Paul was an actor as a profession and did many parts in movies and TV.   During the 60's and 70's, he played in episodes of Charlie's Angels, Get Smart, Gun Smoke, Police Woman and was even one of the voices in 101 Dalmatians, just to name a few.

The perpetual award was created to honor Paul and is given at the end of the year to the MOALA member who the membership majority feels has given the most to the club that year.

Paul Wexler as Captain Seas
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975)
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