Eric Lindquist Spirit Award


The Eric Lindquist Spirit Award takes it’s name from, and is a celebration of, the life of a MOALA
member who lost his life in a tragic crash during a Solo I sports car event on February 1, 1993.
Eric was a passenger in the car and was just 37 years old.

He was a very involved and dedicated member of Mini Owners of America, Los Angeles, Inc. and
enjoyed varied interests including the manufacture of Surfboards; Falconry; Knife making; Native
American Folklore; Kung Fu; Firefighting and a love of the Austin Mini Cooper and other variants
of the marque. He loved taking part in runs and events and auto-crossing his van and Cooper S sedan
at many get togethers encompassing varied sports cars. Although quiet in demeaner, he was a fierce
competitor and a total perfectionist when it came to those things that he had a passion.

Eric had a willing and eager smile for everyone around him and enjoyed himself immensely pursuing
his interests. He would set himself a goal and doggedly pursue it to it’s accomplishment. We know
that Eric’s spirit has taken flight with the Hawks and Falcons he loved -- and that he looks down on us
with a smile.

Even in passing Eric made a contribution to his fellow man by being an organ donor to three families.
His family would like to encourage this practice as it makes such a difference in other’s lives and is
such a lasting comfort to those left behind.

The members of the Mini Owners of America, Los Angeles, Inc. and Eric’s family were proud to present
this award to someone that the host Mini Club of Mini Meet West feels exemplified his Spirit, dedication
and participation and to celebrate the life of a sorely missed friend and competitor. At request of his family, the
fifteenth year of it’s presentation (2008), was the last “Spirit Award” given in Eric’s name.